Bitcoin and Blockchain as a challenge for our legal systems

By Lukáš Steiniger

Blockchain topic is quite complicated, and not only in terms of its technical aspect for ordinary people. Increasingly, this technology resonates in the ears of people, especially in relation to its legal and tax regulation and also in relation to the business with cryptocurrencies as such. So what is blockchain and what challenges does it bring to legal systems? And what is Bitcoin, what are the advantages and problems, and what is its nature in Slovak and Czech law?

What you should know before buying an apartment?

By Tomáš Demo

Buying an apartment is no longer from a legal perspective a big issue. Properties and the real estate market, however, still have its troubles and legal risks that need to be taken care of and it is better to ask a lawyer for an advice. Especially, if you are buying a not fully built property, or an unfinished apartment, and you have already a reservation contract or a contract for a future contract on your table.

GDPR - Part 2: Scope of GDPR

By Ondrej Zimen

Provisions governing the scope, traditionally at the beginning of the wording of a rule, determine the extent of its application to specific legal relations, starting from a number of factors, such as entities affected by the given legislation (personal scope), territoriality (territorial scope), time (temporal scope) and finally material scope, which most affects the relevant legal relations in terms of their material (content) side.

Register of public sector partners and a new obligation of entrepreneurs

By Lukáš Steiniger

If you want to "do business with the state," you must accept the new rules of the game and communicate the beneficial owner. Notification and registration of the beneficial owner, however, may be executed only by an authorized person, for example attorney-at-law (advokat). But authorized person is also responsible for you in this matter.

GDPR - Part 1: The most fundamental changes

By Ondrej Zimen

The new privacy policy adopted by GDPR will apply from May 2018 and will apply to each of the approximately 500 million Europeans and all companies operating in the internal market of the European Union.

Real estate market and law in Turkey, how to buy property in Turkey

By Ondrej Steiniger

Buying real estate in Turkey is quite simple, but there are certain rules to follow of course. Today, many foreigners continue to buy properties in Turkey for their holidays or for the retirement, especially along the Aegean and Mediterranean coast, as well as in some major cities such as Istanbul and Izmir.

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