Cooperation with the brand GoBigname launched

Steiniger has started the cooperation with company Big Name, s.r.o. and its project Big Name Theory / GoBigname in the area of legal & business advising focusing on trademark registration and protection.

We presented Data Protection & Advertising legal issues in Zaraguza

One of the main sectors targeted by Steiniger is IT, creative industry and associated legal issues. That is why we have been invited to present to Zaraguza's team the selected questions regarding the regulation of advertising, beacon technology and privacy.

We presented main legal issues for startups in WAYRA, Prague

On 11.12.2013 we presented main legal issues for startups projects in WAYRA, Prague, Czech Republic and that in the cooperation with the company CARPATHIAN Advisory Group, s.r.o. in their common project "Startups support". Legal part of the presentation focused on most important legal issues when you are starting a business or you are at the beginning of your business journey.

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