We have prepared comprehensive internal GDPR guidelines for Allit

Steiniger helped Allit, s.r.o. to overcome the difficult stage of developing company standards to protect personal data and adapt processes to GDPR.

Company Allit has a specific position while providing IT support services. In its activities, it operates in the position of so-called personal data processor, but at the same time it handles different types of data, and its activities often include remote access to computers. As these activities could be risky, it was necessary to introduce internal standards for rigorous data management to give Allit's clients assurance that their data would be in good hands.

Our mandate consisted mainly of the following tasks:

  • analysis of the functioning of processes within the company
  • data maping and defining the privacy status that the company is expected to reach
  • an interview with company executives and a definition of the processing operations the company carries out
  • development of internal standards governing the processing of personal data
  • development of a comprehensive GDPR Compliance project for a company addressing GDPR issues


Allit, s.r.o. - Slovak company providing IT services to corporate clients in the area of IT infrastructure management, implementation of on-premise server and network solutions, implementation of cloud services (IaaS and SaaS) as well as consulting activities in IT (www.allit.sk)

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