We launched the project Ženy podnikajte! (Women, Do Business!)

Many women don't have lack of skills, but they are missing confidence and courage to start their own business. If some of them are encouraged many great projects are created, and that is what we would like to support. We want to help women who are hesitant and bring them a series of legal and business advice in the form of articles with clear content.

STEINIGERS Zeny podnikajte

What's the content

Women, do business! is a project that involves several activities to support women in business. First of all, it is a series of articles published regularly. The articles are always an example of a specific woman who solves a business problem. In concrete examples we deal with issues of legal and business pitfalls and possible solutions. Articles are written in a way that benefits start-up entrepreneurs regardless of whether they have any knowledge of law and business.

Why the project was created

The project was created on the initiative of the women of our law firm. Many legal and financial groups are dedicated to educating and informing the professional public, but simple guides to doing business are scarce goods in our market. For the most part, every entrepreneur has to learn from his own mistakes.

Most of us women do a thousand things at the same time, and besides jobs, households, possibly children and our own hobbies, we have very little time to find information about starting our own business. In doing so, many of us are very creative and we carry sophisticated projects in our heads that may never see the light of day because we often do not have the time. And that's why we come up with this initiative so that women are couraged to start a business, and also to give them clear instructions on how to get started, - Alexandra Letko, the initiator of the idea.

What is its goal

The aim of the project is to show women that entrepreneurship is not only for men and that it is far from being as difficult as it may seem. We also want to encourage them not to be afraid to follow their dreams. The series of business articles should be followed by interviews with interesting women entrepreneurs as an inspiration and an example of how they coped with the pitfalls of business.

Who writes articles

A team of people working on the whole project consists of men and women of different fields so that the view of the matter is not one-sided, but rather that we bring a wide range of different spectrum of bisnis, legal but also human councils.

Magdaléna Karvajová, a future lawyer and woman of many specializations, writes articles with advice for starting entrepreneurs.

I took this task with great enthusiasm and I have to say that I enjoy working on articles very much, you always learn something new through extensive research. At the same time, I can put myself in the position of a woman in business, and this issue is something that interests me personally, - says Magdalena.

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