The Slovak startup Bookee received an investment of €500,000 and we were there

You may have already noticed the creation of a new Slovak startup Although this happened only about a month ago and the startup is still in its early stages, it has already managed to received an investment of € 500,000 from the investment fund Vision Ventures.

Our cooperation

Our law firm was not only involved in the establishment of, but we have subsequently legally covered the acquisition of the already mentioned investment from the Vision Ventures fund.

Our professional team was led by JUDr. Ondrej Steiniger and several of our colleagues from the office took a part in the project. We evaluate the cooperation with the founders of the startup Petr Fusek and Petr Čapkovič very positively, as we have already cooperated on previous projects of this business couple.

"Our cooperation began with Instarea, Mr. Fusek and Mr. Čapkovič have been working on artificial intelligence technologies for a long time, but I consider the project to be spacial and I think it will move the world of accounting forward," says Ondrej Steiniger.

A service that facilitates accounting

This service will save the work of many accountants, monotonous pre-accounting of accounting documents can already be a task of artificial intelligence, which remembers preferences and then learns. This will leave accountants more time for tax and financial advicing.

Use of the investment

As stated on the startup website, the investition will enable the improvement and scaling of the current machine-learning solution, which will be provided as an extension of some SaaS accounting platforms in the EMEA region.

To find out more, read the official press release:


Thanks for the trust and cooperation.



About company

Company s.r.o. is a fintech company based in Trnava, Slovakia. was founded and is lead by Peter Fusek (CEO) a Peter Čapkovič (CTO). We are people-loving & always-learning the Human-AI collaboration machine enabling the digital era of accounting  (like “WALL-E”, but for the book-keeping). We want Artificial Intelligence to enable personal self-development in all-ages for more creative and healthier job.

About company Vision Ventures

Vision Ventures is a venture capital company focused on seed investments in Slovakia. We support ambitious founders with innovative and disruptive ideas. Vision Ventures is led by Tomas Bel and Gabriel Horvath. 

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