We are different. We are not a regular employer and partner. We take care of the pleasant environment, relationships, motivations and ambitions of our people, as well as of the harmony between work and family life.

We consider each member of our team to be unique and therefore we create the right conditions and motivation for everyone. We particularly emphasize the following principles:

  • Development of specific characteristics and skills
  • Freedom in time management
  • Sense of responsibility at work
  • Balance in work and personal life (work-life balance)

We look for

Continuous learning and an unleashed creativity is typical for our advisors, and that is the kind of people we look for. We look for team players, but also for extraordinary individuals, who stand out from the crowd. And together we help clients make their business better, and search for new interesting and exceptional challenges.

Your life is in your hand

Do not wait for an opportunity. Create it. Send us your CV and cover letter. We are always looking for great people and great talents and we are always interested in:

01Experienced Lawyers. Licensed attorney-at-law, associate, senior or junior, everyone brings something new to the team and everyone is needed for the perfect service. We always look for responsible people with a passion for the law.

02Young talents. We believe that we can reveal talent in people, encourage them with the right motivation, and provide all the means for patient growth. That is why we pay enough attention to the training and development of personality, talent and enthusiasm.

03Tax, Economic & Business advisors. Providing complex legal services at the highest level means dealing with cases from multiple perspectives and looking at them from the top. We analyze every case and transaction with regard to taxes, business risks or other financial impacts. And therfore we always look and work with tax advisors, accountants, or auditors who have the necessary experience.

04Professionals. We like the precision. And that requires knowledge of details. That is why we always look for real professionals in every field. Experts, notaries, or even marketing, language or communication specialists. We need you and we are looking for you too.

Working at Steiniger

We believe that going to work does not has to be only about a duty and a daily routine. For us, the goal is to make people in our team went to work happy, motivated and full of energy that they can transform to a result.

For each man, working time is quite long part of the day, and it is important to spend it with own comfort and with the feeling of meeting own expectations. This must correspond to the working environment and the possibilities of self-realization. And that's what we're trying to do in Steiniger. We listen to the needs of each team member, we track the latest trends and make life in our work better for everyone, including for our clients.

And at the same time we do it as gentleman or lady. If you are interested in our law firm and you want to be part of our team or cooperate with us, the doors are always open. Just give us a call or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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We are different. Not ordinary employer and partner.

We consider every member of our team as extraordinary. And therefore we create appropriate conditions and incentive.

Proper motivation is the cornerstone. Each person is different, each person has his own motivation, which makes him move forward. Therefore, it is important to correctly name it or create it and support it. Proper motivation is a fuel that helps us achieve our personal and work goals. At Steiniger, we set our goals on motivation, at Steiniger we support this thinking and we shape the motivation. Of course, the motivation must be proper.

We discover and develop skills. Sometimes it is a talent, sometimes built up ability for patience and perseverance. Both are unique abilities that predestinate a person to achieve something extraordinary. But every skill needs to be found, developed, and maintained. At Steiniger, we strive to work not only with the law but also with the people and their abilities, which help them achieve their goals, so they can help our clients succeed.

Freedom, working environment, responsibility. Freedom and flexibility are the driving force of people in their creativity and daily living. At Steiniger we create such an environment. History has taught us in what kind of environment humanity is the most progressive. Being relaxed and passionate in conjunction with the sense of responsibility is a unique combination for a 100% result and a win for everyone. For members of our team. For Steiniger. And especially for our client.