The new hybrid agency combines the human spirit and the infallibility of Ai

A new agency Darwin & the Machines, was recently introduced to Slovakia. However, it is not just another in a series of advertising agencies. Extraordinary is the fact that it was founded by three highly experienced marketers and directors of advertising agencies. Equally interesting is the information that this agency employs not only people. We will tell you how such a hybrid agency was founded and how we had the opportunity to cooperate on the vision of the future.


The lawyers of our law firm have been involved in founding the company and setting up legal relationships inside and outside the agency Darwin & the Machines. This included contractual relationships between partners, contracts with partners and clients, and last but not least, trademark registration.

The team was led by Ondrej Steiniger and Lukáš Steiniger, who specialize not only in commercial and corporate law, but also in intellectual property law, including copyright and legal services in the field of advertising.

"We really enjoyed working on this project. The gentlemen from Darwin & the Machines came up with an exceptional project whose ambition in this sector is unparalleled in Slovakia. I think that the effort to score in foreign markets with such a great team and experience is completely logical," says Ondrej Steiniger.

"Last but not least, we are very pleased to be able to provide our unique legal know-how and experience in the field of copyright and commercial law of such a creative company, where unique ideas must be based on solid foundations with strong legal protection," adds Lukáš Steiniger.

Darwin and the Machines is already preparing campaigns targeting the USA, Australia and other markets.

More about Darwin & the Machines

The hybrid agency focused on the long-term effectiveness of advertising campaigns was founded and is run by Martin Blaško, Michal Pastier and Marián Fury. The agency is headed in Slovakia by Martin Blaško, in the Czech Republic by Marián Fury, its creative director is Michal Pastier, the strategic department is headed by Juraj Pobjecký and design by Tereza Talichová. In addition to this star line-up, three HumanMachines will work for the agency, they are Ai tools with their own identity. Twins Roy and Brandon are branding specialists and analyst Joy, who quantifies the effectiveness of advertising based solely on facial expressions.

The agency's claim "Ideas by humans, enhanced by machines" expresses their main goal. Instead of one-off campaigns, to create long-term and consistent brand communication. The company aims to combine the most effective principles of creating creative marketing campaigns with reliable tools for measuring and improving them.

Branding and communication

Another advantage is the direct connection to the branding agency GoBigname. After creating and defining a new brand, the client can continue smoothly to Darwin and the Machines, where a team of specialists will help him with local and international expansion and the creation of a communication ecosystem.

You can watch the agency's presentation here: WATCH THE VIDEO

We thank Michal Pastier, Martin Blaško, Marián Fury and the entire Darwin & the Machines agency for the cooperation on this exceptional project. #NeverStopEvolving!

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