Branding Night brought interesting insights into brand building

On Monday, May 7, we found ourselves in a great company of lecturers Rudolf Letek (GoBigname), Zuzana Ďurčeková (Made by Vaculik) and Milan Zimný Koval alias Junior to bring professional views on branding. The legal aspect of brand security was presented by Lukáš Steiniger.

STEINIGERS NocBrandingu 2018

Branding Night was held in KC Danube under the auspices of Connect Coworking. In an increasingly competitive environment, the question of branding becomes very topical. What are the current trends, what is necessary for quality branding and whether it can be created with a low budget, these are just some of the questions that have been discussed with experts. Nor should we forget the legal protection of the brand. This was the topic of Lukáš Steiniger's lecture.

You can see the whole presentation of Lukáš Steiniger here: PRESENTATION

On behalf of our law firm, we would like to thank Connect Coworking for the professional organization and invitation to Branding Night.

Connect coworking - is a coworking center that offers space for business, work and education. In addition, it organizes various events and lectures. More about Connect can be found here:

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