We presented main legal issues for startups in WAYRA, Prague

On 11.12.2013 we presented main legal issues for startups projects in WAYRA, Prague, Czech Republic and that in the cooperation with the company CARPATHIAN Advisory Group, s.r.o. in their common project "Startups support". Legal part of the presentation focused on most important legal issues when you are starting a business or you are at the beginning of your business journey.


The presentation included following topics in the are of law:

  • Companies and business - Types of companies, Advantages and disadvantages, Doing business internationally
  • Functioning of the company and shareholders (partners) - Shareholders agreement
  • Regulation - What you must remember, when you do business
  • Safety and protection of your creations (products and services) and company name - Business secrets and business name, Intellectual and industrial properties
  • Competition and unfair competition 
  • Copyright and license agreements
  • IT Law - Electronic communication, Cookies regulation, Domains

The presentation included following topics in the area of tax, accountancy and finance:

  • Tax and accounting - How they affect business and how they should affect business.
  • It is necessary to have a basic knowledge of tax and accounting?
  • What should you bear in mind when setting up a company.
  • Income tax - Company or self-employed?, Tax optimization, Licensing, Foreign income.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) - Principle. How VAT works.Foreign relations and VAT.
  • How companies seeking capital - Interesting cases from the practice.
  • Ways of raising capital? - Public offer of securities and stock exchanges, Private offer, Venture capital, Corporate law, Loans, Leasing, Bonds, Securing)


WAYRA - a startup accelerator owned by Telefónica (see web)

CARPATHIAN Advisory Group - business advisor for tax, accountancy and finance (see web)

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