Successful EU trademark registration for Hit Horizons

We were happy to help with the registration of the EU word trademark "Hit Horizons" through the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

For the company FinStat, which brings its unique know-how to other EU countries, we have covered the entire process of registering their new “Hit Horizons” brand. Thanks to our help throughout the registration period, they have gained absolute comfort and overview of what to expect and whether there are certain risks when registering.

Our mandate consisted mainly of the following tasks:

  • identification of the registration strategy and the possibilities for action
  • assistance in selecting a new name
  • design of the classes of goods and services covered by the trademark
  • detailed and in-depth research of conflicts with other trademarks and applications
  • legal representation throughout the registration process

You can view the registered trademark "Hit Horizons ®" here:


Hit Horizons ® - brand belonging to the portfolio of the well-known Slovak company FinStat (, which is focused on providing financial and corporate analytics services to companies in other EU countries, currently operating mainly in the UK (

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