Successful EU trademark registration for company GoBigname

As part of our cooperation with GoBigname, we were pleased to assist them with the registration of their EU trademark through the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

For GoBigname, we've covered the entire process so they get the absolute comfort and overview, especially what they can expect and whether there are certain risks during registration. Our mandate consisted of the following tasks:

  • determination of the registration strategy
  • recommend the classes of goods and services covered by the trade mark
  • search for conflicts with other trademarks and applications
  • legal representation throughout the registration process
  • monitoring conflicts with other trademarks on a monthly basis and protecting the GoBigname trademark

The registered trademark "GoBigname ®" can be viewed here:

GoBigname ® - naming and branding agency that helps with the process of creating a new brand, renaming or redesign of an existing brand (

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