For qikkDB we dealt with database protection, copyright and terms of service

Steiniger advised Instarea on their new project called "qikkDB", where it was necessary to address in particular the protection of their database, software copyright and the establishment of terms and conditions for users testing the database and cloud software services related to its use.

Our mandate consisted mainly of the following tasks:

  • establishing expected relationships between users and qikkDB
  • ensuring the protection of database rights and integrity
  • defining prohibited uses of the software
  • drafting the terms and conditions between users and qikkDB in the form of the License Terms and Conditions and the terms of use of the database and the software intended for its processing


qikkDB - is a unique Slovak project based on processing of "big data" through Cloud Computing services. Thanks to the application of state-of-the-art technologies, this service offers a huge amount of data processing in seconds (

Instarea - Slovak company and "laboratory" for innovative ideas for monetization of telecommunication big data within the international group Adastra. Through the efficient use of data, they strive to optimize marketing processes and improve infrastructure in cities (

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