For Elysium, we drafted GTC and implemented compliance with consumer protection

Steiniger advised Instarea on their new project called "Elysium", where it was necessary to regulate universal contractual relations with consumers through the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

While drafting the GTC, we had to take into account the company's ideas, technical and business aims and, at the same time, we had to dealt with comprehensive legal regulation in the area of consumer protection and safety in order to do not disrupt the business model of the company.

Our mandate consisted mainly of the following tasks:

  • analyzing how Elysium mobile app and webservice work
  • advising on business model 
  • aligning customer registration procedures and booking service with the law
  • strictly defining legal obligations, for example in the form of determining when the consumer is not entitled to a refund
  • drawing up contractual provisions governing the customer relationship (GTC)


Elysium - a unique Slovak project based on providing services through IoT (Internet of Things). Elysium is supposed to act as a network of wellness centers, the services of which should be used by the customer through a mobile application used to reserve entries to a fully automated wellness center (

Instarea - Slovak company and "laboratory" for innovative ideas for monetization of telecommunication big data within the international group Adastra. Through the efficient use of data, they strive to optimize marketing processes and improve infrastructure in cities (

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