SK / Bratislava - Legal assistant - Student of Law

Position type: Legal (assistant)

Job description:

We are looking for an active student of law (min. 2nd year - max. 4th year of study) for the position of a legal assistant / paralegal. We offer this position without a specific focus in order to find and support your interest in law and your talent. In our office you will be in contact with various assignments, from assisting team members to solving legal problems independetly. You will experience the dynamics of our world in a friendly office environment where each member of the team has its important place.

What kind of activities are you going to meet?

  • communication with clients and authorities
  • drafting materials for legal analysis, contracts and legal proceedings
  • work on international transactions
  • search activity for individual cases
  • legal support to team members
  • legal intelligence
  • and much more

The nature of this work will give you the opportunity to gain rich experience and understanding of the issues that arise in individual areas of law such as intellectual property, real estate, corporate and commercial law while working in a friendly and open atmosphere where sharing knowledge and experience is an essential element of our work. In addition, you will learn to work logically, practically and efficiently in order to work usefully with your time, resources and knowledge.

What will be your life with us:

Work with us is about motivation and balance at first. Everyone who wants, have a door open to the highest position at Steiniger. You will have the opportunity to stand out, but also to feel what it is like to work in a dynamic and creative team, a friendly environment with family values and a sense of free operation that leads to creativity. All the resources we have are fully provided to everyone in our team. We advise each other, we help each other, we are improving our skills and and we are also having fun. And by all of this we care about living do is to ensure that we have a fruitful family and social life. Life is not just about work, but it is part of our lives.

But we also say that the work is not easy in our office. Becoming a recognized lawyer and professional requires a lot of patience, proper motivation, sacrifices, but also the ability to self-knowledge. At Steiniger, we offer you the opportunity and support to achieve this goal. And that, inter alia, with a competitive salary while working with top lawyers, consultants and entrepreneurs on the most interesting domestic and international cases and transactions.

And in addition, you become a Gentleman or Lady of the Law.

Employee benefits and advantages:

Man spends a great deal of his/her day at work. But we want to do it for you not just an ordinary job, but a natural part of your life you are excited about and that fills you with enthusiasm. That is why we try to make your work life pleasant or motivating. In Steiniger you will get:

  • constant possibility of further education
  • career growth and support for specialization
  • support to your personal presentation through affiliated media
  • contribution to sports and social activities
  • regular teambulding (even adrenaline)
  • and other

Offered salary:

from EUR 5 / per hour

Requirements for your skills:

Since you will certainly ask for something from us, we also ask for something from you, namely:

  • min. 2nd year - max. 4th year of the law study
  • English language - minimum B2 level
  • responsibility, ability to work independently, flexibility
  • proffesional acting
  • ability to work in a team

How to apply for this position:

To apply for this position, please click on the "Apply" link below.

Please send us also your CV (resume) and motivation letter in Slovak and English, where you can write, in particular, what you enjoy in law and in life and what you would like to do in the future. You can also tell us why you decided to try a job at our law firm.


February 16, 2020

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