Family & Brand

Founders of Steiniger ® brand are brothers Lukas Steiniger and Ondrej Steiniger, who joined forces, family traditions and values in order to create high-quality and trustworthy company.

We are conscientious and principled in our personal and business activities. Since we are advocates in the first place, we stick to our principles and rules which we honor and which lead us.

Self-knowledge, self-improvement, industriousness, knowledge, values and continuity and innovative approach are essential characteristics, which we keep in business and private life.

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Why we are successful? Because ...

Law is our passion and lifestyle.
Every day, every hour, every minute
we take care of you and your business.

We explore technical background. Because we want to provide excellent services and assist you in reaching your goals, we learned explore technical areas of your industry and understand all expertise involved. Only thanks to that we can fully assist you and help you. The biggest value is hidden in your ideas, inventions and creations. And we help you protect them and use them.

We honour our clients, its business and work. We always try to build closer relationship with our clients and consider their problem or need as ours. Our services are not intended only for larger enterprises but especially for SME, family companies and individuals. We are not limited only to domestic national markets, but we are following also global business of our clients.

We are proud of all our deals & cases. The most important result of our daily work are deals we have managed and cases we have solved or won. This is our best reference, this is the best way, how you can see our qualities and experience and this is what we can be proud of.